Why “Possession Slave”?

It’s my opinion that the current apathy in the Church of our small part of this world can be narrowed down to a few things…one of which is our addiction to stuff, things, *bling*, or simply…our worldly possessions. Just as every addict does, we have become enslaved by the source of our addiction. We are no longer in control, our possessions are. We are Possession Slaves…I am a Possession Slave!

Possession slaves come in (2) basic varieties. The first type is used offensively by their master. They are the conquers. If a little is good, then more is better! They can’t stop getting for themselves long enough to become involved with another cause. The quest for more keeps them sufficiently distracted. The second type is used defensively. They are the protectors, guarding all that they have. To keep what they have requires such focus, that they can not afford the distraction of another cause.

I’m a protector. Protectors defend whatever has been placed in their charge. To lose anything would be considered a defeat. This is what we (protectors) fear. I came to realize that I feared this defeat (losing possessions) more than I feared The Lord! That’s a hard pill to swallow. I wish I could say that I’ve swallowed this pill completely, but I can’t. I’m still trying to get it down, coughing and gagging the whole time, but not giving up! I will get it down!

All that said, I think it’ s important for me to say that I don’t believe possessions, in and of themselves, are bad. When they are our focus… now that’s a problem, and I think that many more of us are focusing on possessions than we realize, or are willing to admit. “If I have the world but don’t have Him, then I have absolutely nothing!” I’ve heard this before, but now I’m starting to listen…finally.


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