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Southern Cuisine **UPDATED**

I’ve posted before about some interesting meals at the fire station. So there’s not too many things that surprise me around there, but this morning…

Being southern born I enjoy many of the south’s notorious dishes – fried chicken (or just about anything fried for that matter), cornbread, collard greens, cathead biscuits (large buttermilk biscuit, not really a cat head)… and I’m accustom to some of the more unique dishes – ox tail and rice, chitlins, chicken gizzards, lima beans as the MAIN course and many more that I can’t think of right now.

I really thought that I had seen it all, until this morning proved me wrong. A co-worker arrived this morning  and placed this on the stove to boil:


Yep, that is a pig’s foot! And there was more than one in the pot. I was TOO freaked out to ask if he was going to actually eat them or just use it as a seasoning meat, but I’m pretty sure it was on the menu to EAT.

All together now… EEEWWWW!!!!


Since writting this, I’ve learned that my mom and mom-in-law have been known to partake of the delicacy known as PICKLED PIG’S FEET!!! “She used to love them”, were my dad’s exact words… should I feel ashamed?