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I saw this cool site on another blog and thought I’d share it with everyone… if there’s anyone left who checks this blog.

Check out Brian “Head” Welch’s video. He was the lead guitarist for Korn, and to say he lived the rockstar life is an understatement. I LOVE his opening statement,

“…ok, I’m gonna accept Christ in front of everbody right now, then I’m gonna go home and snort drugs until I don’t wanna do them anymore.”

Not the typical salvation experience… that’s probably why I liked it so much.


The Matriarch

She had many who loyally dedicated themselves to her. Not because of who she was, but because of what she did. She unselfishly dedicated her life to them. And they loved her for it.

Most of the world will never know her. To them she would be insignificant and unimportant. But in her small corner she will be held in the highest regard.

She held no official office or carried any official title. But that did not stop the reverence we felt when we called her, simply…


She had plenty of reasons to be bitter – she outlive 3 of her 10 children, survived an extremely abusive husband, worked nights waiting tables to provide for her family because that same husband drank and gambled most of  his earnings away – but she wasn’t. She loved life and raised her family to be the same. Her only complaint was the slowing down that came with age… she didn’t like it!

Mostly, she didn’t like the fact that it robbed her of her independence. Even though she had spent her life taking care of those she loved and they’d do anything for her because of it, she didn’t want to burden anyone. And in death, she kept to this. No frantic calls to EMS or days spent hovering in the hospital. After visiting with a couple of her children and talking on the phone with others, she went to sleep Friday night and didn’t wake up Saturday morning. Peaceful.

Her real joy came from her family… and it was large. I watched today as the chapel filled. There were a few friends and aquaintances scattered about, but then the family entered and the room was full – 7 surviving children with spouses, 16 grandchildren (many with spouses), 10 great-grandchildren and a herd of extended family.

Family is often messy, sometimes hard, but always beautiful!

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, will be spent at Nanny’s like we have done for as long as I can remember. Presents will be opened, bellies will be filled and laughs will be heard. It’s what she would want us to do. But it won’t be quite the same without her sitting there quietly basking in the joy that is HER family… her blessing.

Nanny, you will be missed! We love you!!

Compassion Bloggers

Compassion Int’l has a group of bloggers (including an 8 yrs old boy) in the Dominican Republic blogging about their experiences. Go check out their experiences and what they’ve had to say about it so far.

Here’s a preview –

“For my life it is the simple revelation that God’s will is most often found when need and ability collide.” Brian Seay

WARNING: You’re heart may hurt a little.

it’ll be okay… I promise

You know that sense of fear and dread most people feel with the unknown, not me.

Slightly out of control + not sure of the final outcome = EXCITING!!!!

But because I know how so many of my friends and family feel, this song came to mind immediately after hearing the election results:

It’s kinda my mantra anyway.

Whatever tomorrow may bring… I’ll be fine.

Here’s to new beginnings.


Bush had a few things to say about christians being bored in life that got me to thinkin’. Go read it first then come back.

Whadya think?

Well, I hear where he’s coming from, and you could even say that I agree – I mean, I read Wild at Heart; I know livin’ the story is the true adventure that all men crave.

But the fact remains that I’m BOreD oUt OF mY GoURd with life right now. And I don’t think I’m alone in this.

I could give you a laundry list of topical reasons – maybe even a few excuses if you’re interested in the pity party – that I’ve decided could be contributing to my boredom, but I think it could be something deeper.

I was NOT a model student. And that may be the understatement of the year. Since being married to a teacher, I’ve realized that I was that student… you know, the one they were glad to get rid of and dreaded to see coming! I just wanted to clown around and make a few people laugh, that was fun. I didn’t have time for all that authority… discipline… routine. Too much structure for me. Occasionally I enjoyed it, but for the most part all that crap was BORING to me!

And have I ever mentioned how I loathe painting. The monotony of brush, brush, dip… brush, brush, dip… brush, brush dip are mind numbingly boring to me. It’s no wonder most painters are either sipping the sauce or burning some herb. I’d definitely be self-medicating if I had to paint day in and day out!

School bored me, but I got an education that helps me perform in the grown-up world. Painting is mind numbingly dull, but the room looks clean, crisp and colorful… restored when finished. At school or while painting I may feel that the life is being sucked right out of me when I’m in the middle of it, but in the end they have served a purpose.

I couldn’t get out of bed to face the new day, that’s identical to yesterday, if I didn’t think there was a purpose – even in the boredom itself. I’m confident that I’m being educated in more grown-up ways or helping to create something crisp, clean and colorful… or possibly a little of both. Mundane… monotonous… BORING, but still purposeful.

Anyone else bored?

more from another other than me

Since I’m still not hitting on much, here’s a couple of quotes that I found interesting:

Good, as it ripens, becomes continually more different not only from evil but from other good.

Earth, I think, will not be found by anyone to be in the end a very distinct place. I think earth, if chosen instead of Heaven, will turn out to have been, all along, a region of Hell: and earth, if put second to Heaven, to have been from the beginning a part of Heaven itself.

– C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce

These came from the 3 pg. preface… expect more.

You think so?

My brain is not hitting on much these days. I guess I’m lacking the energy to flex it. So, I’m resorting to borrowing from the more motivated… more disciplined… more conditioned brains of others.

I personally don’t believe in an intervening God… a God that shows up when we need him and disappears when we don’t. I believe in miracle in the sense that everything is miracle, that God is so interwoven in our world and life that it is all miraculous. The very special times when we conclude God has intervened are actually moments when our blinders have been taken off and we see what has always been. What we call a “miracle” is actually, in my opinion, an intersection of God’s constant activity and our comprehension of it.

nakedpastor, aka David Hayward

That first sentence caused me to bristle up a bit, but then I read the rest… nice perspective.

What do you think? That’s if you, unlike me, can muster the energy to flex a little brain muscle. 🙂