i am second website

I saw this cool site on another blog and thought I’d share it with everyone… if there’s anyone left who checks this blog.

Check out Brian “Head” Welch’s video. He was the lead guitarist for Korn, and to say he lived the rockstar life is an understatement. I LOVE his opening statement,

“…ok, I’m gonna accept Christ in front of everbody right now, then I’m gonna go home and snort drugs until I don’t wanna do them anymore.”

Not the typical salvation experience… that’s probably why I liked it so much.



Even though I felt like a clown performing under the big top for all the on-lookers.


But I did vote third party… mwah-ha, ha

Take that, Mr. “The Man”!!!

Calendar Conundrum

What to do, what to do?

Rumor has it that a firefighter calendar is in the works featuring REAL Albany firefighters… not posers like that has been 80’s heartthrob, Kirk Cameron.

Model auditions will be held at the end of the month… what do ya think?

…and deeper

There was some good conversation on the post digging deeper a few days ago that you should read when you’ve got a few extra minutes. Apparently I’m not going to stop until I bury myself, so why not dig this hole a little deeper?

In the comments of the digging deeper post Casey brought up the basic structure of the Roman Catholic Church and had this to say about it…

It removes the man from the equation… they take their vows, which are for life (99% of the time) and then are at the will of their superiors, who are at the will of the world-wide church, who is at the command of the Pope who is (in a perfect scenario) the ambassador of Christ on Earth…
It really is a great system and this is the reason that it has prevailed for thousands of years.

Let’s talk about this system.

I agree. It is a pretty good system… fairly simple and efficient.

Matter of fact, I operate under an almost identical system at work. We call it a “chain of command”. Everyone has one supervisor to answer to and receive orders from. When info comes down the pipe, I receive it from one person; when it goes up the pipe, I deliver it to that same person. Although it has a tendency to bog down occasionally, it works great most of the time. Especially when circumstances dictate that there’s not a lot of extra time for discussion. The only hitches seem to come when someone tries to circumvent the system.

One aspect of this system is “span of control” – how many people can one person effectively direct? Different environments call for adjustments – a college classroom may have one professor to a hundred or so students. Whereas we operate under emergency situations, so the rule of thumb is 5 subordinates to 1 supervisor – but the concept is the same.

Corporations use versions of it. Our military operates similarly. The Roman army operated under the same type system. That’s why, when Christianity became the state religion of Rome, the Roman Catholic Church adopted it too. And because it works, when the Protestants split off, they kept using it.

This system of leadership is great if one man intends to “command and control” others. People like it. It’s tidy.

Just like Jesus… oh, wait a minute…

digging deeper

In the Den asked what pieces I’d dug up on a previous post. So I thought why not start with a really big one.

I’m struggling with the concept of a paid professional clergy or church leadership.

Whoa, wait a minute… don’t leave yet. Let me explain a little first.

Okay, everyone calm now… caught your breath?

Here we go.

I could give you a few reasons why, but since I’d love to have an ongoing conversation with this one, I’ll start with one and save the rest for later… plus I’m lazy and don’t want to spend that much time typing in one sitting.

I work. I get paid. I love my job and what it’s all about. I’d even venture to say it’s a calling. But I also like having money to pay for things that I need… um… and want. Occasionally I don’t agree with things that takes place where I work or decisions that are made by the people who are over me and have the authority to determine whether or not I continue to work.

Sometimes, and I’m not very good at it but it does happen, I make a few compromises with my convictions when I don’t agree in order to keep my job… and paycheck. You know, because I like to be able to pay for the things that I need and want. I tow the line so to speak. It’s probably the same around your workplace.

Now, if I’m a pastor and my livelihood is somewhat dependent on keeping “the flock” happy, I may be put in the position of making some compromises with my convictions in order to keep my job or get a job… and paycheck. I don’t think anyone should be put in a position where they have to make THOSE type compromises for money.

Like I said, this is one of a few reasons. So… what do you think? Does this piece fit?

opportunity missed

Crap!! This would have been a great way to spend an evening. Like, you know, a date night or something.

I missed the deadline to apply, and now the season is almost over.

I particularly like this part:

LEGAL METHODS: Hunters may use hand-held ropes or snares, snatch hooks, harpoons, gigs or arrows with a restraining line attached. Legal alligators must be dispatched immediately upon capture by using a handgun or bangstick, or by severing the spinal cord with a sharp implement.

Sounds so primeval. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Plus, it would have been great to walk into the next Iron Chef party and say…

Here’s y’all some fresh gator tail with a swamp gravy dipping sauce. First, I used a harpoon to get him to the boat, and then I used a hatchet (sharp implement) to hack (severe) through it’s spinal cord just before cooking it up for ya tonight.

*sigh* Another great opportunity missed.


You ever watch any of those archeological shows? They’re always digging for something, always looking for the next big discovery.

Tapping away with their little pick hammers, sweeping the dust and debris back with their specialized dust brooms until the find is slowly and methodically revealed in all its glory.

Sometimes the new find destroys all possibilities that what was commonly accepted as right is right. It all fit together so well until this new discovery was unearthed.

Thing is, the new discovery really isn’t new. It was there all along. It had just been forgotten or lost or never really understood in the first place, but still there all the same. It just took someone’s digging to point it out for all to see.

I’ve been doing a little digging… well, assisted digging really. And that Doctrine-osaurus displayed prominently in the Great Foyer, I’m not sure it’s assembled correctly… or that all the parts are even there… or that there’s not a few wrong pieces in the mix.

I could be wrong… i’ll keep digging.