About Me

I am…a disciple of Christ, and have been for much of my life, but feel I am just starting to follow. I am simultaneously learning from other disciples, with other disciples and possibly teaching other disciples on occasions.

I am…a husband to a woman that inspires me, aggravates me, motivates me, confuses me, negates my flaws, and reinforces my few good traits…simply put, she’s beautiful!!!

I am…a father to (2) amazingly unique daughters. How can I see so much of their mother and me in them both, yet they have such individual personalities?

I am…a son of parents who taught me, again and again, what unconditional, nonjudgmental love is. Thank you!!

I am…a brother who wishes he put more effort into those relationships. Not that there’s anything wrong with those relationships…there’s just always room for more.

I am…a firefighter (grandson of a firefighter and nephew of a firefighter) “so that others may live”, and that statement goes to the depths of what I want all aspects of my life to be!!

I am…an extroverted introvert who enjoys people and fellowship but craves “alone” time.

I am…fun loving, adventure seeking and bored with “safe”. It’s not about reckless abandon, but about calculated risk.

I am…a goof-ball who loves to laugh, thinks too much, acts too little, loves new experiences, eats too much and exercises…none.

I am…pretty sure that I’m dominantly phlegmatic with a dash of melancholy and a pinch of sanguine thrown in the mix.

I am…from the south and not ashamed of that.

I am…Clint


I am…sure that you’re bored with me now, so I’m done!!!


2 Responses

  1. You are…a man who is desperately seeking after God’s own heart.
    You are…a husband who listens, shares, takes care of me, makes
    me laugh, makes me cry, and makes me happy.
    You are…a father who is real and open to our girls. Sometimes
    you’re even fun too. 🙂
    You are…a son who loves his family and wants them to see him for
    who he really is
    You are…a brother who is building relationships that are
    meaningful. These are the kind of friends who could
    really be around for a lifetime!
    You are…the greatest firefighter in the world, I think!
    You are…friendly, courageous, a redneck, a writer, a reader, and
    HOT (according to some former 4th graders)
    You are…my goofball, and I love you for it!!!

  2. Please explain it a little more, if possible ? Akvaryum

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