Tag, I’m it

You might be proud to know that I….. daily resist the urge to punch many different people.
You might be surprised to know that I….. have my first batch of home brewed beer aging in my storage room.
You might already know that I….. despise structure and predictability.
You should probably know that I….. am a pretty good shot, so watch yourself!
You may not believe it when I tell you that I…….. wouldn’t actually shoot anybody.
You might have always wondered why I….. didn’t make the calendar.
You might think “it figures” when you consider that I….. like most things that you would consider “redneck”.
You might wonder about my sanity if you knew that I….. live with 3 females!
You might think I’m weird if you knew that I…… prefer for my wife to dress me.
You might laugh to know that I….. have to think about which hand I write with to know left from right.
You might roll your eyes when you know that I….. am not tagging anyone.


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