Happy New Year???

I get it now. That whole cost-more-up-front-but-it’ll-save-money-in-the-long-run speech.

Here I am thinking that the reason is my AC/heat pump is super efficient, therefore conserving electricity and saving on my utility bill…


What they meant, what was lost in translation between the HVAC specialist and little ol’ me:  It’ll tear up over an extra long holiday weekend forcing you to burn wood in the fireplace for at least 4 days, therefore conserving electricity and saving on your utility bill.

Of course I didn’t have much firewood on hand, so I spent most of my “holiday” cutting and splitting firewood.

Last day of 2007 I worked really hard to get a fire to go out. First day of 2009 I worked really hard to keep a fire going…

What a difference a year makes!

I’m sure the repair cost will equal the “savings”.

Hope this isn’t an indicator for the rest of 2009!


5 Responses

  1. Yeah, NewYears sucks!

  2. bummer.

    Do you know what ELSE is a bummer??
    I just saw a commercial on tv for a “Albany Hero’s” Calendar or something and I’m pretty sure you’re not in it. What the heck ever happened with that?? Thought you were going to “audition” for the calendar??

  3. Go ahead and rub it in that I didn’t make the cut! I just didn’t stack up to the competition… apparently there was a 45 yr old age minimum for firefighters.

  4. So you auditioned and didn’t get in?? Or didn’t?

  5. Hey, remember when we all used to blog all the time and keep up with each other’s lives via a cold, hard keyboard and bright screen??

    yeah, that was fun.

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