children gawk, women swoon and men envy

…my mad home improvement skills!!

It’s finally finished. It was supposed to be finished by Christmas, but it’s like a Nowack Christmas card – late, but oh so worth it! Here’s a peek at what’s been occupying my free time:








I just wish I enjoyed the process as much as the end result. This one:


I LOVE to make her smile!!!


7 Responses

  1. that looks amazing Clint! great seeing y’all for Christmas!

  2. Hey that looks great! Nice work! 🙂

    is it a window or a doorway that leads out to the porch now??

    Got our Christmas card, eh? 🙂

  3. Nice job!! That looks really good! I must say, I was swooning over that cozy fireplace.

  4. Wow- That is beautiful!! (the room too!!) Just kidding. I love the floors- I am sure it will be the new hot spot!!!

  5. that’s beautiful!!

    The floor looks really cool… I always wondered what you were going to do with that space…
    I’m sure your going to enjoy it much more now.

  6. Jamie – we enjoyed it too. Bryan was a lot of fun this year.

    Tammi – It’s a window… I loved the Christmas card. Who gets props, you or Casey?

    Amy Lynn – The best part about that fireplace is that it lights with the flip of a switch on the wall.

    Lyndi – yep, she IS beautiful!!

    Casey – I think we will get some good use out of it now… as soon as the fumes in there die down a little.

    Everybody – THANKS!!

  7. Looks great Clint! I know y’all will enjoy it.

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