Wha’dya see?


So… what do you see in the above compilation of letters?


5 Responses

  1. so is the question….is what I see a reflection of my personal spirituality? If so I may not want to answer….

  2. say it is a reflection, why wouldn’t you want to answer?

  3. First thing I saw was God Is Nowhere.
    And it probably took me a good 20 seconds to ‘figure out” what the other word was.
    What does that say about me??
    Is this like a spiritual therapy blog now? Where’s the virtual couch ‘cuz I should probably lie down.

  4. 20 seconds?!?!?!? HEATHEN!

    It only took me like 5.

    So tell me… how does that make you feel? 🙂

  5. I enjoyed the verbal rorshach test there.

    I saw “GOD IS NOW HERE” but as not to seem any less depraved as my fellow commenters I think it is more psychological than spiritual. In other words, perhaps it is more so that I want God to be here more than it is that I feel God here.

    But, none the less: fun.

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