opportunity missed

Crap!! This would have been a great way to spend an evening. Like, you know, a date night or something.

I missed the deadline to apply, and now the season is almost over.

I particularly like this part:

LEGAL METHODS: Hunters may use hand-held ropes or snares, snatch hooks, harpoons, gigs or arrows with a restraining line attached. Legal alligators must be dispatched immediately upon capture by using a handgun or bangstick, or by severing the spinal cord with a sharp implement.

Sounds so primeval. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Plus, it would have been great to walk into the next Iron Chef party and say…

Here’s y’all some fresh gator tail with a swamp gravy dipping sauce. First, I used a harpoon to get him to the boat, and then I used a hatchet (sharp implement) to hack (severe) through it’s spinal cord just before cooking it up for ya tonight.

*sigh* Another great opportunity missed.


3 Responses

  1. w.o.w. it really is too bad that you missed that. your girlfriend might have gotten a real kick out of it.

  2. *mouth falling open in disbelief and horror*

  3. ummm………. well….. I’m disturbed. I just got a mental picture of Clint, as a character from Deliverance. Now I must think happy thoughts so I won’t have scary nightmares!!

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