Dulcolax ®, or a simple enima would probably do. What do you think… would they work?

My brain’s constipated!!

My thoughts are impacted. Present, but hard and dry. They’re stacked up like an impenetrable log jam. One after the other they keep flowing down until they pile up against the obstruction – morphing into it – which backs up further and further. Pressure building!!

I’m sure that there is one which, when loosed, will cause an incontinent collapse/release… maybe you should have the Imodium ready just in case.


2 Responses

  1. wow.
    that was quite a…er….GRAPHIC illustration.

    Thank you for that.

    We need a new flair: Hard ‘n Dirty….like Clint’s brain matter.

  2. Clint, maybe you need to use your experience using a hammer drill to, well, get things loose. OK, actually I was just writing to ask for your advice about drilling into rock. (You left a comment on my blog offering suggestions!)

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