Peruvian Bus Ride

[I never got the opportunity to post this while in Peru so I’ll do it now. Couple of updates about this post: We learned that the bus line that we rode to Huaraz, Cavassa Tours, was considered to be a little shady even by the locals. Lots of, “Oh… really, so you rode Cavassa?” with sympathetic glances flashed around. Total trip was 10 hrs instead of the expected 7 1/2 – 8. I did end up having an upset stomach for a few days. Probably not related to the restaurant stop, but maybe. There’s so many other things that it could have been. And the bus line that we rode back to Lima, Movil Tours, had a new, very nice depot in Huaraz. Not seedy at all. The one in Lima… well, that’s a different story.]

I’m writing from my bus seat… the one I’ve been riding in since 10:30 this morning. It’s now about 3;00 in the afternoon on 06/02/08, and we’ve still got about 4 hrs. to go before we arrive in Huaraz. I don’t think this ride will ever end!! We’re just now hitting the mountains, so the rest of the ride is super CuRzY.

Even though we’ve spent most of the day on a bus, we’ve still managed to have a couple of adventures.

Is it a universal truth that a bus station has to be in the seediest part of town? That was the 3rd one I’ve been to here in Peru, and they’ve been very consistent – I’ve felt nervous at everyone. Lots of eyes watching the gringos.Funny thing though, a couple of the Spanish speakers with us struck up a conversation with a couple there and it turned out that he was an engineer and she was a teacher. They are very well off and offered their home for future groups to stay in. Went so far as to give their address and contact info.I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… place still seems a little seedy to me though!

Lunch was our next adventure. The bus stopped at a “restaurant” on the side of the road and gave us 30 mins. to eat. We were all wishy-washy about whether or not to eat except the group leader, Jason. He was OUT! No way for him! But the food actually looked and smelled pretty good, so Joseph and I agreed to try it if the other one would. Years of sizing me up probably played into his decision, and I definitely wasn’t going to be one up-ed. Before it was all said and done, Ethan had joined us. We enjoyed the meal of chicken and rice, especially the rice… remains to be seen if will feel the same way in a few hours. Not to worry. After last year, I know all the symptoms of intestinal parasites. I won’t hesitate to call a doctor for a round of anti-biotics.

Finally, there’s the ever present adventure of using the bathroom on a tossing, turning, stopping and starting bus… glad I’m a guy!! What a ride – Peruvian style.


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  1. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear more stories! Look me up when you get rested and are ready to hang out! Man Date coming up! I smell it in the air!

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