It’s official – I’m FReaKiNg out now!!! We spent the entire afternoon getting everything together, and there’s still plenty to do. Just 2 more days to get it all done!

So far we have bought: underwear – who has 15 pair of underwear -, [too much] candy for the kids in Peru, snacks for us, electrical plug adapters, sunscreen, wet wipes, travel size TP (just in case…), and a lot more that I can’t remember. Daughter #1 still has some things to get, so there will be at least one more Wally World trip… probably 2 more. The last one to get all the stuff we remember at the absolute last minute!!

The skype accounts have been set up and Wife’s been trained, so we should be able to video conference… when we have internet connections that is. Which we will the few nights that we sleep in the hotel and not a tent pitched in some remote Quechua village. I remember how recharging it was last year just to talk to her. I’m super excited about being able to *SEE* and talk to her while we’re there!! TOO COOL!!

Everything is sorted into big piles and we’ll spent much of the day tomorrow stuffing suitcases. There’s still some team packing to do, plus we want to see everyone before we leave. So the next couple of days should be a warm-up for the pace that we’ll be keeping in Peru… I’m getting tired just thinking about it!



2 Responses

  1. WOW!! I remember getting ready for Honduras- I know I took way too much extra, but I would much rather have too much than not enough!!! I hope you and “#1” have a wonderful, life changing time. You both will be in our thoughts and prayers!!

  2. hey clint! the Lord keeps bringing you and c to my mind. I pray that His protection will surround you as you travel and during your stay. I also pray the Lord will use you guys to show His love and grace to others. I know you’ll be so blessed in return! we love you guys.

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