Is it a product of our me-my-mine, individualistic culture to think that God has a specific will – where to live, who to marry, what car to buy – for “MY” life?

Could it be as simple as: God has a general will, or plan for this world, that we just need to plug ourselves into and build our everyday life around meeting his over-all goal?


2 Responses

  1. I think that’s beautiful… and how much more fitting that a God who would create far-reaching galaxies would create a race of people to move in one”ness” with his over-arching creation instead of individually… I love it… good thoughts!

  2. Perhaps it is more paradoxical than that. Does God have a divine will for this planet, country, community and even me? Even if not, I seem to remember Paul feeling a specific will (or at least calling), but I agree that our culture puts too great of an emphasis on the me rather than the we.

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