On wolves and sheep

Funny thing happens to a wolf when it gets all dressed up in sheep’s clothing. Because to look like a sheep is just not enough. For the disguise to be complete the wolf must also act like a sheep – adopt its ways. Slowly, intentionally the wolf becomes more and more sheep like. Slowly, unnoticeably the natural ways of the wolf give way to the foreign ways of a sheep. A sort of metamorphosis takes place.

Baa-ing instead of growling… grazing not stalking… no longer feared and respected but overlooked and ignored.

Given enough time, the deception consumes even the deceiver. The wolf, so intent upon blending and being accepted, begins to forget that it is a wolf. It begins to believe its own lies. The wolf ways and the sheep ways marry, leaving a composite being that looks like a sheep, acts a little like both, but really is neither. It is a nothing – living, breathing, but still nothing – incapable of being a wolf or a sheep. Existing. Nothing more, nothing less.

What remains of the wolf is aggressive and pushy. So eventually this new nothing spreads. It is inescapably forced throughout the entire flock. What began as an attempt to infiltrate and destroy for entirely selfish reasons has backfired. But not completely.

The original selfish gain intended by the wolf was not found. In fact the wolf lost itself and gained nothing in return. But the sheep were still destroyed. Clothed in wool and baa-ing away, but no longer sheep. Mutants. A flock of nothings.

The mutation is almost flawless, and occasionally a true sheep wanders into the flock. It can be very difficult to find the seams in the previously conflicting but now married natures. Most would never detect anything wrong. But the tell-tale seams are there for the true sheep to find, and eventually the sheep knows – even though they look the same, speak the same language and say the same things – these are not sheep. Their lives are governed by a mutated nature of morphed opposites.

And that nature, forceful and aggressive, will begin to push towards assimilation. The sheep has a choice between staying true and remaining a sheep… or not, and becoming part of a powerful, consuming nothing.

What’s a sheep to do?


2 Responses

  1. That’s very perceptive. And what happens when the sheep-wolf marriage breeds young? Interesting and makes me wonder what it’s really about.

    Oooh. This really is a good one and I’ll probably be thinking about it, rolling it around in my brain all day.

  2. Recent events that happened to my friend – Best described as an Utopian Cynic – started the line of thinking, but it’s application could cover a wide variety of situations. What have you come up with after “rolling it around”?

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