Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think

HORROR!! That’s what it was when I walked into Wife’s classroom today and saw the vocabulary words written out on the board for her students.

Read down the list and see if you can find what caused me to nearly lose my water right there in the middle of her classroom.

***Some of you will get it; some of you won’t. But trust me…if you knew, you’d be scared too!***



5 Responses

  1. just found your blog today through Kat’s.

    My hubby was in Peru this fall with Compassion Int. LOVED it!

    I wish I knew the irony in this post …. I’ve read these words a million times. How am I missing it?

  2. judging by the decorations in the classroom, these students aren’t very old…I’m guessing early elementary? The word Canvass is a big political word for a child to understand. Are schools indoctrinating children how to decide where they stand politicaly before they have even reached their teens?

  3. To get the irony you’d have to know me and be aware of some recent events in my life.

    modern day thomas – You’re right. They’re 4th graders, but I know that my wife is very careful to NOT influence her student’s political stance.

    Too bad I didn’t have her as a teacher, I didn’t even know the word canvass had any political implications. Duh…

  4. Got it!
    thanks for the email and sharing your story.

  5. Canvass – to walk door to door for sales purposes or advertising – The boys were canvassing the neighborhood for car wash customers.  No political implications there…

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