Quote of the Day

As long as we see salvation in terms of going to heaven when we die, the main work of the church is bound to be seen in terms of saving souls for that future. But when we see salvation, as the New Testament sees it, in terms of God’s promised new heavens and new earth and of our promised resurrection to share in that new and gloriously embodied reality – what I have called life after life after death – then the main work of the church here and now demands to be rethought in consequence.

– N.T. Wright, ‘Surprised by Hope’


3 Responses

  1. Interesting… I agree totally!
    I always think it hilariously sad when these ultra fundamentalist churches have their quarterly #’s reports including “salvations & baptisms” like it’s a business… like someone is getting a commission…
    that’s why I disagree with the view of salvation as a prayer=membership kind of thing and see it as a process that has many components. It’s hard for me to believe that so many people can be happy with a faith where the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE is the CEO and they are just punching a time-card!

  2. Thems fightin’ words… apparently.

  3. Anything that challenges status quo always is.

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