Nothing new under the son

gran-sta3.jpgMeet Gran. My dad’s dad. He’s the one on the far right. This dude was the real deal. He was known to rodeo (bulldogging), use tobacco products, drink and cuss. He was “handy” and could fix or make just about anything. He carried a B.A.R. (Browning automatic rifle) through Italy during WWII and received a purple heart…still had the shrapnel in his leg the day he died. A real man’s man.

He taught me how to ride horses and shoot a gun. He’d let me have “just a taste” of whatever he had. He laughed often, was hard-headed, and quick-tempered. We’re a lot alike. Well, I don’t have shrapnel in my leg, but you know what I mean.

Our careers are shaping up to be quite alike too. Newspaper articles, relieved of duty pending investigations and personnel files full of “paperwork”. Of course, I haven’t been demoted for slapping someone …yet. But I’m less than halfway through mine, there’s still plenty of time left for me to catch up. The way I’m going, it shouldn’t take long!

When it’s all said and done, though, he had a great life! He made it through ok, and so will I!

Is it wrong that I feel more than a little proud to be so much like him?


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