HELP!!!! I’ve been hijacked by a pink font wielding invader!!!!

At least it’s not glitter. **shudder** That stuff freaks…me…out! It never, ever goes away. Just open a jar of it and you’ll be sweeping up little sparkly specks for years to come. We had to moved from the last house to escape it. Unknowingly, a speck stuck in that little crease between my nostril and face until I was complimented on my nose ring. That was the last straw.

Now, it’s crept it’s way into this one. I know it’s laying there, hiding in the corners and under the furniture, waiting for the most opportune moment to embarrass the crap out of me again. It should be OUTLAWED! Who wants to leave a scattered, glittery footprint on the environment for our grand children’s grand children to deal with?

Not me! Think of the kids, folks!!

Doesn’t it cause blindness or something, anyway?


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  1. Now I know what to get you for your birthday.

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