Bright idea

You know the type. They know exactly what they want out of life, how they’re going to get it and how long it’ll take to do it all. They’re on a mission. They have a PURPOSE.

I’ve never really been that guy. Take it as it comes, go with the flow is more my style. But I’ve alway been a little envious of those driven types. To know one’s purpose in life and how to obtain it always seemed to be just beyond my grasp.

Until now!

I’ve found my purpose in life…the reason for my existence.


With 85+ light bulbs (yes, I counted) in our house, on average, I change 1 bulb every 4 days.

“Dad, the light in my closet is out.”

“Dad, the light in my bathroom is out.”

“Clint, my virile stud of a man (she doesn’t actually say this, but I can tell by her tone that she’s thinking it), the laundry room needs a light bulb.”

Tonight I changed 2. As Wife was getting ready for bed, another one, over her sink, quit on me. The traitor!! This is an endless task.

I wonder how long candles last? Hmm, I’ll have to check into that.


2 Responses

  1. We surely don’t have 85 light bulbs in our house, but things have been getting gradually dimmer around here (is that metaphoric?) as lightbulbs pop out one by one and I go to replace them and alas! Out of lightbulbs and who remembers to pick up lightbulbs when they’re at the store??
    Finally I bought some the other day and I went to put a few in and then I wondered….if there are four lightbulbs in the ceiling fan or the chandelier above the table, and I just leave 2 of them out…am I saving on energy/our electric bill?? I don’t know. But I left one burnt out just in case. Our electric bill has been HUGE the last 2 months.

    And by the way….doesn’t everyone mentally refer to you as “you virile stud of a man” when speaking to you? I know I do.
    “hey, steve – clint called, you should call him back”
    “you know…CLINT. The virile stud of a man”
    “oh, right…THAT clint”

  2. I changed two this week myself. By the way, did you get the one on the front porch? It’s out, too. And I would have thought the average would be higher than 1 every four days…

    Tammi – WHATEVER…

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