are we DOOMED?!?!?

So, just for argument’s sake, let’s say Obama is the next president. And, just for kicks and giggles, let’s say he is a Muslim in sheep’s clothing. What are your main concerns? Do you think that our way of life will change? Or will it even matter? Why or why not?

Do tell. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!


5 Responses

  1. i’ve asked myself that same question soooo many times…
    I just don’t have a really good answer… I think we are so afraid of the unknown & I think that is just a sign of our lack of faith…
    I mean really… if we really believe in the Creative, Life-Giving, All sustaining, God of Hope & Joy & Love & PEACE… then we should be able to accept any change that comes our way!
    Now if only I could practice what I preach whole-heartedly 😦

  2. I don’t think we are doomed. Unless of course my prediction comes true about Obama being the Anti Christ.

    And I really just wanted to put that in writing just so I could say that I called it. haha. 🙂

  3. Just for kicks and giggles, let’s assume that it’s totally moronic to think that as Christians, we’re given the ultimate task of choosing a president “after God’s own heart” or are responsible

    for “taking America back for God”—>insert gagging sounds here <—
    Seriously. What part of Scripture defines us as moral guardians of society? Where can you show me examples of Jesus inserting himself in policital happenings? As much as I can see, he was all about PEOPLE. The present. The way things were right then, at that moment.
    Does that mean that we shouldn’t vote? Of course not.
    Does that mean that we shouldn’t examine the candidates in line to become the next president and vote for the one that we think could best lead our country? Of course not.
    But I do think that far too often, the church/believers get mired in politics and proclaiming the “right” candidate for the cause of Christ and rising moral standards, when in fact, we’re not called to be the moral guardians of America.

    What IF Obama is Muslim? Is a Muslim not capable of leading the United States effectively, morally, with tact and grace? Our current president, the supposed Christian, the conservative-right, the big pick for the majority of Bible-thumpers across the land has hardly done so (in my humble opinion, a divisive comment at best, I know) so who are we to say that a person’s religious background defines how they lead and the trueness of their own moral compass?

    Bottom line for me is this: It doesn’t matter what I vote, what matters is how I LIVE.
    If the president opens the borders for a free-for-all for immigrants, then how will I LIVE — with the primary purpose of my life as a believer being to love God and love others – how will I reach out to immigrants in the community, show love, open my arms, be acceptant?? If the president opens the floodgates for more and readily available legalized abortions, how will I LIVE – to impact the lives of young girls, reach out to women considering abortion, make myself available to those who are vulnerable, in need…be proactive in preventing abortion by investing in PEOPLE?? A more difficult, demanding task of my time and emotions…of my LIFE, but isn’t that what we’re called to do? To give ALL of ourselves and not just the comfortable part??
    My vote is ultimately irrelevant. How I live is what has eternal impact.

    So….if Obama is voted president, does it concern me?
    Nope. In fact, I hope he IS voted president. I think he might be the breath of fresh air this country needs. And if he’s not..if he puts into motion the downfall of our nation?? So be it. I’ll just be over here, trying my best to live the way God intended me to, no matter the outcome in the end.

  4. I should’ve just wrote my own blog.

  5. I think you did write your own blog.

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