I’ve sat through many services and prayers pleading for an awakening of the Church. I think it’s happening. Just not in the way many people are expecting. If your expecting a sudden surge in attendance and nursery workers (easy to see and record church growth), you may be disappointed…BUT… if you looking for a return to the heart of Jesus (not as easy to see or record Church growth), there’s an increasingly stiff breeze a blowin’.

Red-Letter Christian

I recently learned that this is the sub category of evangelical that best describes me. I’ve been defined…time to change. Why do I feel the need to defy definition?

The Incedibles

I watched the whole thing – BY MYSELF, NO KIDS – a few nights ago. Why? I see a lot of myself in Bob…minus the super human strength, of course!


I gave in. After 2yrs, I’ve gone back to the family business. I’m slightly disgusted that it takes 3 jobs (2 full time, 1 part time) to support our lifestyle….just not enough to change it. Can you say, “possession slave”? I knew you could.

Got to admit, though, it’s been nice to be able to carry a little cash and occasionally pick up the lunch tab. 2 wks and the difference is amazing. On the plus side, We plan on doing more at Kiva and sponsoring a child through AMG International or Compassion International or both.


It’s occupying a lot of my thought, lately. Actually has been since June 2007!


The way I read it, the Christian community describe in the Bible, the one I desire to be a part of, sound just like socialism. I have absolutely no desire to live in a socialist country. Does that make me a hypocrite? Can you have one without the other?

So, what’s on your mind?


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  1. Go with Compassion International. Peace out

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