1 day late

Wife and me, we had big plans for friday evening. I was so excited about the evening’s adventure that my latest infamous velcro tie experience that morning couldn’t ground my soaring spirits. It was going to be an entirely new experience for both of us. Married 14+ year you know….we’ll take any new experience we can find!!

Both the girls were gone, we had the house to ourselves and all we needed was the package to arrive. It had everything necessary for our evening of WOW! The guaranteed arrival time approached without any sign of our package. After the umpteenth trip to look out the front door, I could stand it no longer. I had to call.

The package was delivered 3 hrs earlier according to their records. I searched and searched. I looked under the lawnmower and overturned trash can…in the storage room…circled the house…3x. I caught myself even looking up….I was desperate, but I COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING!!!! There are no words to express our disappointment. The company assured me that they would send us another one. “For the hassle” they said. By now, it’s time to go pick up Daughter #2 from soccer camp. We settled in for an exciting evening of tv.

This morning she calls and tells me that someone from down the road just drop our package on the front porch. It was delivered to the wrong house, apparently! Glad we have honest neighbors, but a day late just isn’t the same. Since we’ll be getting another one later she graciously delivered it to the fire station for the guys to enjoy….

Here it is.


Want to know what’s in it?


Yep, LIVE lobster. It’s a lobster gram. It also had 2 steaks, shrimp, chowder and cheesecake in it.

Since the lobster are live, you gotta eat ’em pretty quick.


And the finished product….


Now, I’ve had some fine meals at the fire station, but this one definitely takes the cake….cheesecake that is! Mmm, mmm!!!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve received in the mail?


One Response

  1. Yeah, Froot Loops for supper just didn’t cut it when I had been waiting for lobster. I even turned down dessert at lunch, knowing I would have cheesecake after dinner. Glad you guys enjoyed the lobster. Now I’m looking forward to filet mignon to celebrate President’s Day!!

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