The infamous VELCRO tie

Sorry the picture quality is worse than normal. I had to take it with my cell phone…um, cell camera? Whatever!! The tie is actually a “break-away” tie. It was originally designed for police officers. If they get in a scuffle with Mr. Bad Guy and he grabs their tie, the velcro will break loose, allowing Mr. Police Officer to get away and shoot Mr. Bad Guy from a safe distance.

velcro-tie.jpgThis stylish BLACK tie looks particularly well when worn with a SHORT SLEEVE button-up uniform shirt and dark NAVY uniform trousers. The really bold and adventurous finish off the ensemble with WHITE socks and black TENNIS shoes!! Truly, a sight to behold!! I know…because I’ve seen it.










6 Responses

  1. you’re kidding right… please GOD tell me you are kidding… Clint, we need to talk about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Casey,
    Nope, not kidding! I knew this would be more than you could handle. That’s why I left out the part about the ties being one-size-fits-all. Some hang way below the wearer’s belt, while others barely reach the wearer’s navel. It all depends on the size of the neck and length of the torso. 🙂

  3. That is HOT.

  4. Pimp is right!

  5. I’m sorry- do you have to wear a pocket protector when you wear that tie with a short sleeve shirt and white tennis shoes?? At least you are important enough to be issued the “velcro tie”. I bet there are many envious people!!!

  6. This is what I was searching lately ! Thank You. We sell Hill’s Science Plan amongs other pet food.

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