My day in court

I was subpoenaed to appear in court today as a state witness. Had my long sleeve uniform shirt pressed at the cleaners and I even polished up my “brass” a little. Wore my good shoes, black pants and…BLUE socks? I swear they were black when I put them on this morning. That happens to me every time!! Ooo, almost forgot about the department issue, velcro tie. Needless to say, I was…

Officially **PIMP**

Anyway, I got all “gussied up”, made it to the court house and, after some directions, into the correct court room. Sat there clueless for about an hour and never heard the case that I had been called for mentioned. Suddenly the judge spouts out something and everyone gets up and starts out of the court room.

What the….!?!?

I spot a Fire Inspector whose there for the same case. We make our way up to the D.A.’s assistant responsible for our case, and she says, “Oh yeah, We didn’t need you today. Blah, blah, blah-dity, blah, blah. We’ll get in touch with you later.”

Is it that hard to make a phone call or send an e-mail? Maybe you can’t be unsubpoenaed after you’ve been subpoenaed. I don’t know, that’s for sure.

I was bummed. I had been practicing raising my RIGHT hand so I wouldn’t have that short delay while I thought about which hand I write with and then put the other in the air – I really do have to do that. I could here the Law & Order, du-DUM, playing in my head. I could even visualize the faces of the jurors as I impressed them with my professionalism and vast knowledge of fire behavior. It was going to be a new experience, but I was ready. All for naught! Oh, well.

Plus, did I mention the VELCRO tie?


4 Responses


  2. post a picture of the velcro tie.
    (Dang it that it posted before i was finished)

    I assume you’re up waiting for cassie to get back from the game?? I’m up waiting for Steve-0…..*sigh*

  3. I have always wanted to go to oourt to be on the Jury. I FINALLY got the letter that said I had jury duty… but it was 4 days after my son was born, so that didnt end up working out for me.

    All that to say- if you ever go back to court, see if you can get me ont he jury, ok?

  4. AL – be oh-so-careful what you wish for!! I, too, had always been curious to see our judicial systam at work. That is until I got called for a (week-long) serial rape trial. That was enough time in court for me!!

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