24 Hours…

…is one shift at the fire dept. Yesterday was the last shift of 2007 for me. Here’s a peek into that world.


Here’s the crew… training. Yes, training! I know what you’re thinking, but no, that is not a game of Guitar Hero. It’s an exercise in teamwork… relying on each other to meet a common goal. It’s a moral builder and encourages team unity.


They take their training very seriously. Look at that focus…determination…intensity. Makes me proud!


First rule of a good Fire Officer: Never ask them to go where you wouldn’t!


For some reason my finger locked up into some arthritic looking mass, so I started shooting a few snap shots around the station.





This is the pump-panel, the controls for how much water comes out of which hose. It’s not as complicated as it looks.


At 7:30 this morning, 23 1/2 hrs into a 24 hrs shift, we get called out to an activated alarm….this one wasn’t false! Sorry we didn’t get any good pictures of the actual fire….just a wee-bit preoccupied at the time.


Smoke taste….TERRIBLE!!!


Is it out?


Someone, please tell me it’s out!




What have you been smoking? The picture editor wouldn’t get this red-eye out!


I’m a dirty, dirty boy! But nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done!!

Kirk Cameron ain’t got nothing on me!!


So, what do you have planned for the last day of the 2007?



7 Responses

  1. not that! that is for sure! 🙂 i am so glad to know we have people like you working 24 hours a day!! even if you do play guitar hero during down time. 🙂

    we are headed to Baker’s Acres for New Years!

    hope y’all have a great night!

  2. ok… Clint, we’re going to have to work on proper MySpace pic etiquette… for starters you must always take it from ABOVE & have a I’m cool… cause I’m taking my OWN picture face on!
    These are cool pics though… do you really get that dirty every time you go to a fire… is it just all the smoke?
    I’m intrigued.

  3. Casey,
    WHAT are you talking about?!?! Those are my I’m cool faces… thought it was obvious. 🙂
    Yes, if it’s a “good” fire, I get that dirty. Mostly the smoke. It permeates right through our gear. It was THICK and BLACK! I did clean up a little for the pictures….I wiped the quart of snot off my face. Really opens up the sinuses!

    THANKS!!! Have fun at Baker’s Acres. Nothing like New Years in a double wide out in the country. If ya’ll don’t fire off some shots at midnight, I’ll be very disappointed. How many deer did ya’ll “shine”?

  4. No shining this time! We needed Riley for that! 🙂 And, no shots at midnight! What is wrong with us?!?!

  5. I have no idea what “shining” is, or what the inside of a double wide looks like. Are they really that much more wide??

    Anyway….fun pics. I’m sure guitar hero is an EXCELLENT training tool for firemen. Quickens eye hand coordination and finger dexterity so you can turn the dials on the water hose…thingies.
    Or something like that.

  6. Tammi,
    **sigh** My poor, city-raised, culturally-clueless friend. “Shining” is the art of catching wildlife as they graze during the middle of the night.

    Preferred wildlife: deer

    Necessary equipment: pick-up truck (the larger the tires, the better) & spot-light (1,000,000 candle power or more).

    Optional equipment: “adult” beverages & firearms.

    Location: any large field or dedicated food plot (food plots are planted for the sole purpose of attracting deer).

    How it goes down: idle up to a field in the truck, pull out the self contained daylight that you’re carrying and light up the field. The deer’s eyes will glow bright green as they stand there mesmerized by the light. If you’re carrying a rifle, they’re easy pickings.

    Technically, its illegal because you’re harassing the wildlife, but, unless the firearms and “adult” beverages are involved, its not a big deal. I know people who have spent time in jail, paid hefty fines and lost their Georgia hunting privileges because they were shooting the blinded, confused and dead-still deer, while drinking. Not very sporting or safe! Most do it just to SEE the deer.

    Interesting side-note: farmers can get permits to shine and kill deer if their crops are being severely damaged by the deer.

    A single wide mobile home is 12′ or 14′ wide. A double wide mobile home is 24’or 28′ wide. Double wides are pulled to the site in half and then joined together. Inside they look just like any other home…mostly.

  7. sounds fun.
    if you’re into that whole shooting-dumb-and-stunned animals thing.

    We kill deer in Michigan too.
    Just with our cars..as they run across the road. Little known fact: The number one killer in automobile accidents in Michigan? Deer.

    Now you know
    And knowing is half the battle.
    *insert GIJoe theme music here*

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