The secrets out

“What are your goals?” she said, “What is your plan… what do you want?”

It wasn’t what she said or even how she said it. It was her eyes. She said it all with her eyes. Hollow and dark, desperation was lurked deep within them. They were pleading, “Please!! Please, tell me there is an end in sight. I don’t know how much longer I can pretend to be strong… how much longer I can pretend to not be disgusted by your listlessness.”

“I don’t know?” I replied reluctantly, honestly, “I don’t have a plan… I don’t know what I want.”

Those eyes… those bright, beautiful blue eyes. They were still blue but no longer bright. They had gone cold, dulled by hopelessness. No longer did they speak of frivolous desperation caused by an uncertain future. Now they cried out with complete and utter despair. For a brief moment she had seen, in the eyes of the one she considered to be the strong one, something unmistakable.

My eyes, they had betrayed me. Although not loudly, but subtly, in a hushed whisper, she had still understood. In the eyes of her strength, the one she had always known to be fearless, she had found something that she thought impossible…

** F E A R **

Goals… plans… these are foreign concepts to me. I don’t know what I want or even where to begin discovering it!

Never have.

My eyes, they had betrayed me, but they had not lied.


i am second website

I saw this cool site on another blog and thought I’d share it with everyone… if there’s anyone left who checks this blog.

Check out Brian “Head” Welch’s video. He was the lead guitarist for Korn, and to say he lived the rockstar life is an understatement. I LOVE his opening statement,

“…ok, I’m gonna accept Christ in front of everbody right now, then I’m gonna go home and snort drugs until I don’t wanna do them anymore.”

Not the typical salvation experience… that’s probably why I liked it so much.

Southern Cuisine **UPDATED**

I’ve posted before about some interesting meals at the fire station. So there’s not too many things that surprise me around there, but this morning…

Being southern born I enjoy many of the south’s notorious dishes – fried chicken (or just about anything fried for that matter), cornbread, collard greens, cathead biscuits (large buttermilk biscuit, not really a cat head)… and I’m accustom to some of the more unique dishes – ox tail and rice, chitlins, chicken gizzards, lima beans as the MAIN course and many more that I can’t think of right now.

I really thought that I had seen it all, until this morning proved me wrong. A co-worker arrived this morning  and placed this on the stove to boil:


Yep, that is a pig’s foot! And there was more than one in the pot. I was TOO freaked out to ask if he was going to actually eat them or just use it as a seasoning meat, but I’m pretty sure it was on the menu to EAT.

All together now… EEEWWWW!!!!


Since writting this, I’ve learned that my mom and mom-in-law have been known to partake of the delicacy known as PICKLED PIG’S FEET!!! “She used to love them”, were my dad’s exact words… should I feel ashamed?

Tag, I’m it

You might be proud to know that I….. daily resist the urge to punch many different people.
You might be surprised to know that I….. have my first batch of home brewed beer aging in my storage room.
You might already know that I….. despise structure and predictability.
You should probably know that I….. am a pretty good shot, so watch yourself!
You may not believe it when I tell you that I…….. wouldn’t actually shoot anybody.
You might have always wondered why I….. didn’t make the calendar.
You might think “it figures” when you consider that I….. like most things that you would consider “redneck”.
You might wonder about my sanity if you knew that I….. live with 3 females!
You might think I’m weird if you knew that I…… prefer for my wife to dress me.
You might laugh to know that I….. have to think about which hand I write with to know left from right.
You might roll your eyes when you know that I….. am not tagging anyone.

cry baby

Go read this and tell me… did you cry?

Happy New Year???

I get it now. That whole cost-more-up-front-but-it’ll-save-money-in-the-long-run speech.

Here I am thinking that the reason is my AC/heat pump is super efficient, therefore conserving electricity and saving on my utility bill…


What they meant, what was lost in translation between the HVAC specialist and little ol’ me:  It’ll tear up over an extra long holiday weekend forcing you to burn wood in the fireplace for at least 4 days, therefore conserving electricity and saving on your utility bill.

Of course I didn’t have much firewood on hand, so I spent most of my “holiday” cutting and splitting firewood.

Last day of 2007 I worked really hard to get a fire to go out. First day of 2009 I worked really hard to keep a fire going…

What a difference a year makes!

I’m sure the repair cost will equal the “savings”.

Hope this isn’t an indicator for the rest of 2009!

children gawk, women swoon and men envy

…my mad home improvement skills!!

It’s finally finished. It was supposed to be finished by Christmas, but it’s like a Nowack Christmas card – late, but oh so worth it! Here’s a peek at what’s been occupying my free time:








I just wish I enjoyed the process as much as the end result. This one:


I LOVE to make her smile!!!